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    No matter what business you run, the PPC advertising model is what you need to boost your sales. At Sky Digital Marketing, we have an in-house team of developers, designers and excellent marketers who can help you run a successful PPC campaign by offering a brilliant ad copy, design and so much more. Not only that but also improve advertising quality score and cut down on pay per click costs with our customized PPC campaigns. Choose us today to get pocket-friendly PPC services!

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    PPC Services We Offer

    01. Google Search Ads

    Google Ads is the need of the hour. Believe it or not, Investment is what takes you towards growth and google search ads is your Investment in the world of digital marketing. Take advantage of this advertising tool and show your ads to the right people, in the right place and at the right time. In addition, it's cost-effective and lets you take full control of your campaigns and you can easily measure your growth!

    02. Google Display Ads

    Whether you’re a new startup company or a small-business wanting to expand at a large scale, you need the right attention. Google display network gives you the chance to increase your brand’s awareness via well-targeted campaigns. We work with you to create, buy and target, and optimize your ad campaigns to earn maximum return on investment.

    03. Remarketing Ads

    Don’t give up on your customers that easily! Acknowledging the fact that 96 % of the users leave your website without making a purchase, it is imperative to target them again with remarketing. Work with us to create a cost-effective ROI-focused remarketing strategy that helps you follow your audience site-to-site in order to lead them back to your website. Allow us to take all your headache about social ads and get back to you with better leads.

    04. Google Shopping Ads

    This is the growing trend of digital marketing. Having smart shopping ad campaigns for your brand can increase your conversion rate by almost 30 % than the regular text ads. The advertising model not only provides low CPC and high CTR but also a bunch of other benefits like better reach, high conversion rates and so much more. Allocate more of your budget into google shopping ads and get better quality leads for your business. Are you ready to run your own google shopping ads?

    05. Google call-only ads

    Did you know that the conversion rate with call ads is much higher than clickable conversion? Google call-only ads can be the best sales channel for any business. Plus, the strategy filters out low quality leads, is easy to design, easy to run, and promises high-quality leads for your business. We help you create strategic call-only campaigns that include - call-centric keywords, location targeting, retargeting unconverted calls, etc. Call us today to get started.

    06 Google Express

    Give your users a more congruent shopping experience with google express. This recent addition in the Google solutions has proven to be a significant tool for advertisers to surge up their potential to sell on google’s all shopping platforms. Get on the board with us and let us provide you a customized plan to use google express and get customer loyalty along with increased sales.

    07. Local PPC Ads

    This is probably the best PPC strategy a business can opt to target the right audience without breaking the bank. Plan out customized local ads strategies with us, the marketers and get benefits of relevant ads, brand recognition, improved conversions, and easy tracking. From local keyword targeting and geotargeting to SEO-optimized landing page, we do all the work. We have managed to run some successful local PPC campaigns for both national and international clients over the years.

    PPC Services Targeted towards Lead Generation

    PPC advertising is the most effective way to fill in your sales pipeline through our success-driven marketing strategies. At Sky Digital Marketing, we start off the PPC management process by performing a detailed research about your business to understand your Key Performance Indicators for high-quality lead generation. Wondering if PPC advertising can help you or not? Get on a call with us and let us discuss why you need our ROI-driven PPC services.

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